Illustrations we created in an isometric style, each scene telling a different story. The micro site is made up of a number of tiers. Top level being the city from above. When the user selected each area they are taken to a more detailed scene.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Faculty is an online magazine that highlights diversity in the study of the natural world. Through in-depth interviews, image stories, and curated content, Faculty focuses on the personal stories of people who explore and express nature in interesting and unusual ways.

Qatar 2020 | Generation 22

Created both front end visuals and prototypes for online learning resources for Qatar FIFA 2020. These resources are available to teachers through a secure login. It allowed them to create lesson plans from a wide arrange of learning resources.

Waste Week

App created to encourage children to think about their daily plastic usage. Children would note the plastic used week by week and try reduce their usages. The app would then show the savings made between each week based on volume of plastic saved. I.e. the volume of a Mini Cooper, a 747 jet or Olympic stadium!

BAFTA Inspired

A series of designs put together for a pitch to BAFTA. The website used repository of existing information curated for students and children.

The Pepys

Responsive web design and development for central London gastro pub chain This is one of three responsive websites created for the independent pub chain, Nice Bars Ltd. The Pepys is situated on…

Bin Beats

Designs for the Wrigley’s game app