HP 'One partner' infographic Generic infographic used by HP for multiple accounts. Client: Canon Date: 2019 Services: Digital Design, Illustration, Print : The content of this website is highly confidential. It is…


Canon 'See the bigger picture' poster Shared by Canon to ABB as a leave behind printed poster and digital download. The isometric illustration was created using a combination of stock assets and…


Illustrations we created in an isometric style, each scene telling a different story. The micro site is made up of a number of tiers. Top level being the city from above. When the user selected each area they are taken to a more detailed scene.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Faculty is an online magazine that highlights diversity in the study of the natural world. Through in-depth interviews, image stories, and curated content, Faculty focuses on the personal stories of people who explore and express nature in interesting and unusual ways.

Qatar 2020 | Generation 22

Created both front end visuals and prototypes for online learning resources for Qatar FIFA 2020. These resources are available to teachers through a secure login. It allowed them to create lesson plans from a wide arrange of learning resources.

Asia Fresh

Logo concepts for Asia Fresh Conference and Show held in China in 2016