Bin Beats

Design & UX of a web game app for Wrigleys chewing gum – Created while servicing Edcoms Ltd

Designs for the Wrigley’s game app

Client: Wrigley's
Date: 2014
Services: UX, Web App, Design

An educational game to encourage an appreciation of environmental friendly disposal and awareness of chewing gum for Wrigley.

The objective of the game was to dispose of chewing gum into the bin.

Music played is guitar hero with the aim of again engaging the target audience and create a nice ambient with a result of increasing the usage of the app and therefore create a great educational reach.

Gamification functionality includes when the user succeeds in the game they get increases on total points with multipliers, but also losing points as the gum misses the target bin.

This app is aimed mainly at children , but also for younger adults.
The platform of the Web app was chosen to reach more people. By being platform specific agnostic This reaches audiences on multiple devices thus having a greater chance of reaching a greater audience.

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